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The most professional movers ever!!!!
I'm a perfectionist and I have absolutely nothing to pick on. They did an amazing job, wrapping every piece of furniture and very careful with walls that I just painted. A++++
Svetlana M.,Brooklyn, NY

Very professional moving company!
I called them 4 days before my move and they were able to schedule me in. They came into my apartment and wrapped everything in plastic wrap to make sure there were no scratches during the move. They managed to move my studio apartment into the truck in 45 minutes, very quick!
I would definitely recommend this service.
Greg S., Manhattan, NY

This is my 2nd time using this service and they are GREAT. No messing around.
They get the job done within the estimated time frame quoted. What was supposed to take 3 hours took just over 2hours.
Very friendly team.
I 100% recommend using this company for moving.
I will be using these guys again.
Helped move from Harlem to Brooklyn
2nd time from Brooklyn to another part of Brooklyn.
Richard F., Albany, NY

Used these guys to move from my 1 bed to a new 1 bed within Murray Hill itself. They were 3 guys and they were not only fast but also very careful with all the stuff. They also have the best possible rate. I got quotes from 7-8 different movers and most of the quotes were in the range of $700-$1000 (4-5 hr estimated time @ 140+ per hr and tips extra ). I was moving from one elevator apt to another only 8 blocks away and 5 hrs seemed quite long. Their customer service assured me that they estimate it will take no more than 3 1/2 hrs. They also did the mover's insurance for me for an extremely low rate of $10. Others were quoting $25-35 for it
They arrived 50 minutes before the scheduled time and got the entire move done in 3 1/2 hrs flat. I had a lot of stuff (queen bed, ~20 boxes, loveseat, book shelf, dressers, lounge chair etc) . GreenLine charged me $250 for first 3 hrs and another $50 for the next half which is the same as their advertised rate when you google them. Travel time is another $40. I was so impressed with their service that i ended up tipping them more than 30%. Even then it turned out to be way cheaper than other guys
Moving is indeed quite a hassle but these guys make it easier. I would have no issues recommending them to everyone
Tejas J., Manhattan, NY

We used Green Line movers twice. Once to move out and into a storage; the other to move to a residence. We had 2 different teams and both were great.
The first team had to deal with a 3rd floor walk-up apt. They were very careful in moving all our boxes and wrapping our furniture with plastic and cardboard. Then they spent a good portion of the afternoon loading everything into the storage unit, which looked like a game of Tetris after they were done.
6 months later, we requested the same team of guys but they were unavailable. A different set of 4 guys came (John was one of them) and I was initially skeptical but within the first hour and a half they unloaded a 10x15 unit that was filled with our stuff.
The first, move out team was more careful and the second, move in team were very fast. John actually said that because the first team packed the unit nicely, they were able to unpack it very quickly. Both teams were great and I highly recommend them.
Vincent Y., Edison, NJ

Hands down the best and most professional movers that I have ever used.
We hired unprofessional movers originally. They cancelled last minute and we needed to hire someone to move us into an elevator building - provide a certificate of insurance - and we needed to hire them with one hour notice at 5 pm.
Green line pulled through - the move was under 2 hrs - and we were very pleased
Fazeela S. ,Brooklyn, NY

Good price, great customer service. Fast and efficient. Zero headaches! Will be referring to all of my friends moving within the 5 boroughs.
Be sure to tip appropriately. Because you don't come across reliable service like this often in this city.
Can't really say anything else than any of the other reviewers didn't already say. Will be using them again and hope they are still around the next time I move!

Green line movers were a godsend during our recent Manhattan move. They were super easy to work with prior to the move, and very adaptive to requests for insurance certificates and changing move times (thanks to overbearing buildings and their changing elevator bookings..gah!). We had 3 guys come with a truck and several dollies to move boxes and plenty blankets for our furniture. They were very careful and efficient in dissembling/assembling our furniture, and were extra cautious with specific items that I asked them to be more gentle with. One of our cabinets did get damaged slightly, but the main guy refunded the entire price of the cabinet from our total cost. The entire move took 4 hours despite some severe traffic in the commute to the new place. I highly recommend them for their efficient service and affordable price!
Preeti S.,New York, NY

Moved on Saturday, 9/28/13. I always expect to be swindled by movers in NYC so I definitely had my guard up. Scheduled moving start time was between 4-5pm. I wanted them to stop by another location first and pick up a couch, then proceed to my apt. They ended up arriving at about 5:20pm which I was a bit annoyed about but there was a lot of traffic that day and it was a busy street.
After that it couldn't have been any easier. They picked up the couch at the first location, which happened to be a 4th floor walk up, then met them at my apt. where they diligently moved 2 bedrooms and a living room worth of stuff. All in just over 3 hours. They were no nonsense guys and didn't fool around or disappear for breaks. We were already packed and ready to go. They wrapped up all the furniture and fragile things nicely. Once we arrived at the new place they assembled our furniture and asked us how we wanted it arranged (even after we changed our minds a few times).
The total wound up being less than the max end of our quote, which is what I was expecting it to be, so I was pleasantly surprised about that. Because of that we ended up tipping about 30%. They seemed pleased with that and just thanked us and left. They complimented our new apt. and were quite pleasant. I would definitely recommend them!
Nicole L., Brooklyn, NY

My boyfriend and I both used these movers for our move from Manhattan to Brooklyn and they were incredible! On time, professional, friendly, efficient and extremely careful with our fragile boxes. I can't recommend them enough. They even helped us unmount our televisions , wrap up our furniture to keep them from getting scratched during the move and pack up our dishes in boxes. The price is very reasonable and SO worth it!
Thanks Greenline for making our moving experience so seamless, smooth and stress free!
Prin B., Wake Forest, NC

We had John and his crew move us. They showed up on time (a few minutes early) and finished just around where he estimated (4 hours). They were very quick, friendly, and wrapped the furniture well to keep things protected.
No hidden costs or extras at the end. The estimate Boris gave me was spot on with how I was charged.
Overall, I highly recommend Green Line.
Matt H., Manhattan, NY

These guys were quick and affordable, very friendly and efficient. Highly recommend. They charge a low flat rate and then charge by the half hour. 4 guys came and they helped us finish packing. 5 hours total and it came out to $550!!
Siena S. Brooklyn, NY

We used NYC Green LIne Movers to move from Upper West Side to Chelsea and we could not ask for a better service. We had to make a couple of time changes and Boris who handles the scheduling, was extremely accommodating every time. The day of the move, they arrived right on time. They were fast, efficient and friendly. They were so careful with the big furniture and used wraps and covers to ensure everything was intact upon arrival to the new location.
They even helped us remove some wall shelves and fixtures.
Moving is one of the most stressful things, but they helped us have an easier day. We would definitely use them again.
Teresa R., Ashburn, VA

Can't recommend highly enough. Great value. Prompt and careful service. They had packing materials to wrap larger items. Fast yet all items were handled with care with no damage. We had lots of furniture (sectional, bed, dining table and about 30 boxes plus more) and they were done in just over 3 hours.
Daniel J. New York, NY

Just had these great movers. They did a fabulous job, could not ask for a better moving experience.
Carol L., Manhattan, NY

JI recently (a few months ago) used this company again for another move around the greater NYC area and was very happy especially with the speed of the move. Strongly recommend!
M B., New York, NY

The foreman I worked with was John. If you have his team, you're guaranteed to have a great and painless move. I had such a good experience the first time that I used them twice!
I'm assuming other foremen (and teams) are just as good, but I can say for sure that John and his team were top-notch. They arrived slightly early and they were very easy to communicate with. Some of my stuff was packed a bit haphazardly, with boxes left open and the like. They managed to squeeze stuff in safely and efficiently in ways I never would have thought of.
I was about to say that they have state-of-the-art moving equipment, but I'm not even sure that's the best way to say it. What I can say for sure is that they have all the moving equipment you'd need and it gets the job done perfectly. They have strong (but easily removable) tape and strong (but easily removable) plastic wrap, and it all does the trick.
I didn't expect to find movers who were cheap, fast, and attentive-to-detail, but Green Line Movers are just that. Ever heard the axiom that nothing is fast, cheap, and good? Green Line Movers are basically all three.
Benjamin S., Brooklyn, NY

Awesome. Moved from a Ground Floor to a 3rd Floor. They showed up early, and are very reasonably priced. Quoted for 3 hours, and they finished in 2. Three of my friends have also used them and had great experiences. Highly recommend these guys!
D H., Brooklyn, NY

NYC Green Line Movers are the best! The crew of the promised three men arrived on time and did a spectacular job with the move. They carefully and quickly wrapped all the furniture and delivered exactly what they said they would.
There were no hidden cost and the estimate that Boris gave was accurate. I can highly recommend NYC Green Line Movers.
Jen W. Brooklyn, NY

These guys helped with my move from Jersey City to Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago, and they did an awesome job! They showed up a few minutes early and got to work right at 9am. They took great care in taking apart my furniture and wrapping things properly. Nothing was damaged in the process of moving. There were a couple of hiccups (one on my part and one on their part), so the cost ended up going over what was quoted to me initially. The manager, Alex, worked with me on this issue and said that his main concern was whether or not I was happy with their service. I really appreciated that. I was under such a tight budget, so my only regret was that I wasn't able to give them as big of a tip I had originally planned on giving them. However, I will happily be recommending them to anyone looking for movers.
M S., Brooklyn, NY

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The most professional movers ever!!!! I'm a perfectionist and I have absolutely nothing to pick on, Thank you!

- Svetlana M.,Brooklyn, NY       Read more testimonials.

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